Jul - 29 - 2011

Alcohol detox at home

Alcohol detox can be done at home but you should not do this alone. This kind of detox can be done at home only if you have been partying or drinking to much..You will have to follow some easy steps such as plenty of rest and a rehydrate nutrition. However,if you are having a problem with drinking the solution is not that easy. If you are an alcoholic you are going to need a sort of medical supervision and it is advisable into a Detox Center.

The process of detox means removing a harmful substance from your body but this does not mean that it cures the addiction because it doesn’t. Alcohol detox can be very harmful and can cause side effects such as:death or withdrawal symptoms,that is why you should see a doctor before you follow this advices.

First of all consult your doctor because if you have a big problem with alcohol or if you have to much in your blood that you could die than you are going to need to be admitted into a hospital which has detox. If your problem is not so big you can choose the alternative of helping yourself with a treatment at home.

Drink a lot of water because this will help you diminish the severeness of the symptoms and will help you eliminate the alcohol from your body more quckly. You should drink a large amount of water but not more than a 2 quarts of water per hour.

Another solution is to take long hot baths. If you feel dizzy you should get out of the bath tub and rehidrate. You can have long baths as long as you don’t get dehydrated.

Do any type of exercises even if the exercise is just a short walk. The exercises flush the alcohol from your system and can eliminate bad feelings. What ever you do make sure that your heart beat stays at a normal level.

Last but nor least,you should have a diet based on bananas,oranges and vegetables with green leafs. This foods will help hydrate your body and you will get back the potassium that your body looses when you sweat or shed liquids.

When you follow this program you should keep close the numbers of your friends and relatives and also the number of a hospital in case of an emergency. A detox session should last 5-6 weeks and during this long period of time you should have a rich diet of fluids and fibers.

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