Jun - 15 - 2011

Anti aging laser treatments

Anti aging laser treatments or laser rejuvenation is the most used method to get rid of wrinkles and signs of aging. This process consists of direct beams of light used to remove the damaged skin cells but leaving your bordering tissues unharmed. The new laser technologies have a special feature,they can stimulate the production of collagen while the body heals after the treatment.

The anti aging laser treatments give us healthier skin and because the technology has developed over the years it means that today we now have numerous ways of doing this treatments. Now we can be more specific when we choose our treatment because we can choose from getting rid of deep wrinkles to spider veins or age spots.

Types of laser treatments

Anti aging laser treatments can be as easy as being done in your lunch hour allowing you to go back to work immediately,to those which require weeks of healing. Non-ablative laser treatments are recommended for early signs of aging such as fine lines because they require little or no time of recuperation.
Ablative laser resurfacing are the operations which can create visible wounds because the upper level of the skin is removed. The redness of the skin and the swelling take up to four weeks to disappear because new skin in growing over the damaged one.

The treatment

Laser treatments are different because they depend on the type of laser used. Before the procedure the area of the skin that is going to be treated is cleansed after which anesthesia can be applied. The patient wears protective glasses during the procedure while the dermatologist turns on the laser device and starts working on your skin.
After the procedure the patient may feel temporary redness,pain blistering and/or crusting. For this after effects ice packs should be applied in order to reduce the swelling and reduce the discomfort.

The effects

Laser procedures can improve the appearance of the skin,but will not have the same effect as the face lift. Avoiding the sun is a good way to make the improvement last longer. It is important to keep in mind that results are different from patient to patient.

Side effect and warning

Laser anti aging treatments have fewer side effects than other skin procedures. Skin infection can be one of the problems that may appear after the procedure like the herpes virus. Patience should always tell their doctor after the treatment if they have any problems such as: hepatitis or HIV,blood-clotting problems, if they take acne medication or have a tendency to scar.

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