Nov - 20 - 2013

Aspergers Disease

Nowadays, there are various health problems which can mess around with the life of both children and adult people. Anyway, most diseases, illnesses or sicknesses present various symptoms which separate them and place them in certain categories of minor or severe conditions. The health problems affecting people’s lives in a way or another can be caused by various factors, from infectious pathogens like viruses, bacteria or parasites to gene mutation. However, the good news is that almost all disorders come at package with various symptoms that are early signs which can warn people that something is wrong with their physical or mental health. Health diseases can present mild or severe symptoms, which can be attributed to minor or major conditions. Many disorders can be traced from infancy or early childhood so, if you notice something strange in the way your kid communicates or behaves, then you should know that he/she might be affected by autism or Aspergers disease.

You should know that even though these two disorders seem to be alike, there are several symptoms and signs which separate between them.

Asperger’s syndrome is considered to be an autism spectrum disorder, but unlike kids with autism, those diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome have a normal language and continue to develop intellectually. However, there are many signs that can warn parents that their kids are undergoing Aspergers disease. Typically, this syndrome is detected when children enter kindergartens, where they need to get involved in various activities and communicate more with other children. Those who have difficulties in making friends or use an odd language and are physically clumsy are suspected to suffer from Asperger’s syndrome.

You should know that the way your kid interacts with other children, can tell you whether he or she is suffering from this condition or not. For instance, if you notice that your kid is unable to start or maintain a conversation with other children, seems to lack empathy, sticks to the same activities and dislikes changes in routine, stares at other people around and avoids eye contact, then he/she is likely to have the Asperger’s syndrome. Your kid can also be late in learning various basic things that can refer to using a spoon or fork, or handwriting.

Till now, the cause of Aspergers disease is still unknown, although over the years, certain medical researches have pointed out that the genes are responsible for provoking this syndrome. Moreover, the only method that seems to improve this condition to a certain extent is behavioral therapy.

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