May - 16 - 2012

Breast cancer donation – Fight to combat breast cancer!

Every year,thousand of women from all over the world, are drawn in the fierce battle against breast cancer. This is the most difficult time period they will ever encounter for they are compelled to spend more time with doctors, in hospitals most of us spend in an entire lifetime. They endure painful treatments  on a regular basis in the slim hope it will save their lives. It is a fact that breast cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed forms of cancer in women which affects not just the patient herself but her family and friends as well. Taking into consideration that there have been huge amounts of money contributed to the research for cure, a breast cancer donation is an extra effort that greatly contributes to the success of this research.

It is the duty of each one of us to make a breast cancer donation for generally takes just a few minutes but it can make a huge difference. There are many foundations where you can donate securely and confidentially different amount of money. Many corporate and charitable organizations run advertisements in regard to breast cancer and the importance of breast cancer donation  in the hope of creating awareness and sending a positive message. In addition, they are also selling different pink products in order to raise money for the research. A pink ribbon is the symbol of breast cancer awareness and it is worn in the honor of woman who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Pink ribbons are generally inexpensive but they still represent a breast cancer donation that allows everyone to get involved in the fight against cancer.

The fact the breast cancer has touched so many lives is the most powerful motivator for a breast cancer donation. Pink is no longer a frill but rather a force that makes a difference. However, there are numerous ways to make a breast cancer donation and if you are willing to support this cause, you can design your own campaign. Money raised in any campaign really count for they represent a step toward finding a cure. You can raise significant amounts of money if you target carefully you audience and know how to reach it. For instance you could create breast cancer awareness in you company working along with your boss or HR representatives in order to design a dedicated program. You could recycle paper of bottles collected from companies and make a breast cancer donation. You can grab a jar and label it “Breast Cancer Donations”, install it in your office and challenge people to donate small amount of money on a regular basis. They will not feel these money mission from their wallet but you will definitely raise a significant amount which can be donated to a charity organization. The most effective idea would be to hold an auction between departments where each employee can buy a certain item. This also allows them to socialize and forget about their busy schedule.

Making a breast cancer donation should be on the priority list of each of us given the huge impact of this disease. Everyone should get involved for it is very difficult to watch a loved one in so much pain and be helpless to offer relief.


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