Jan - 6 - 2017

Calcium deficiency symptoms. Things you should pay attention to

Although may tend to ignore calcium deficiency, this is not an issue to pass by. As it accentuates, many other health issues accentuate as well. For example, calcium deficiencies are responsible for osteoporosis in women, cardiac issues in all individuals, cramps, headaches and even sleep issues. Identifying and treating them properly is something all of us should do. Also, identifying a high quality supplement is something just as important as identifying the issue, and for making the right decision, we recommend reading some Algaecal reviews and see what the general opinion on them is. However, below are some symptoms calcium deficiencies have and many are not aware of.

Brittle nails in both genders

If you start noticing your nails exfoliate and tend to break more and easier than usual, chances are you suffer from calcium deficiency. Because calcium is a crucial component of them, when you lack it, it is normal to start noticing it in your nails first. The first logical step would be to start taking some supplements, preferably natural ones.

Tooth decay and constant pain

Once again, since calcium is an important component of teeth, it is a clear sign of a calcium deficiency if you start noticing slight pain in them or even tooth decay. Since al dentists recommend calcium as a solution to many dental issues, maybe it would be a great place to start from.

Backache and improper posture

In women, a calcium deficiency will transform in osteoporosis in time and this is a serious health condition. What starts as a constant backache and a slight improper posture, signals a severe bone density loss in women. However, these issues might appear in men as well, because with age, our bodies’ capacity of absorbing calcium properly decreases. It is a great idea to start looking for calcium supplements with Vitamin D in their composition, because it enhances calcium absorption.

Muscle cramps and muscle weakness

Calcium deficiency increases nerve excitability, which usually leads to muscle cramps and spams. Usually appearing in pregnant women, it can also affect men and children, regardless of the age. Therefore, these symptoms are a clear signal of calcium deficiency.

Besides the mentioned symptoms, numerous others are clear signs of calcium deficiency. You might want to have your blood tested for seeing if you suffer from such issues and maybe have a small chat with your doctor. They can help a lot in this matter.

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