Oct - 23 - 2015

Can a hot tub improve your health?

Having a hot tub is not only extremely fun and exciting, but can also have a lot of benefits on your health. Most people are not aware of the fact that sinking in such a tub can have positive effects on their condition, but experts have found out that the provides more than relaxation. It is true that you feel great after taking a hot bath after a cold day, but did you know that this can also help you eliminate pains or insomnia? These are only some of the beneficial effects of soaking in hot tubs Port Perry, which are felt both physically and mentally. Here are some things that a hot tub can do for your wellbeing:



Improves sleep

You probably noticed how easy you fall asleep after swimming or taking a late bath or shower. Well, imagine that dipping in a hot tub can offer you his, and even more. Experts have recently proven that this unusual “therapy” can reduce symptoms on patient suffering from insomnia. This means that if you want to sleep tight at night, you should try to spend some time in the tub before going to bed. It is well known that a cold body gets in a rest state more difficult and the sleep is disturbed, while if your body is warm, you tend to fall asleep much faster and rest without disruptions. As a consequence, the mood, mental alertness and even the digestive function of the body will improve.


Eliminates anxiety and stress

It is obvious for all those who have spent time in a hot tub that this helps them relax at the moment. Besides this, recent studies have discovered that the hot water combined with the pressure of the jets and the weightlessness feeling can induce a long term relaxation state, reduce physical and mental stress and even cure anxiety. As you can see, this represents a viable, pleasant and cost effective alternative to expensive therapies and treatments.


Reduces chronic pain and strengthens your articulations

In case you suffer from a dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system, such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis or any other type of physical aches or pain, the hot tub may be exactly what you need. Spending time sitting in hot water is a great relief, and this is due to the fact that the bubbles made by the water jets make the weight and stiffness disappears. The blood flow is streamlined by the heat, while the muscles get more relaxed, the potential inflammations fade away and the joint sensitiveness is reduced. After dipping in hot water, the aching body becomes more flexible, stronger and the motion function is rehabilitated.


Lowers blood pressure and sugar level

Dipping in a hot tube does not only lower the sugar level from the blood, but it also lowers the blood pressure. For those who have circulation problems, the hot temperature of the water can solve the issue by helping the heart produce more oxygen and revitalizing the cells, since they dilate because of the heat.

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