Mar - 22 - 2017

Conditions in which physical therapy is highly effective


A great method to treat old injuries and prevent future ones is physical therapy. By getting involved in such therapies, the professional you collaborate with can help you diminish the pain in soft tissue such as joints, muscles and ligaments, so you will be able to regain flexibility and normal range motion. This Physical Therapy Bristow clinic helped numerous patients to overcome excruciating pain, heal old conditions and regain the joy of living a painless and free life. By evaluating the patient’s health condition and proposing customised workout programs, a physical therapist might be the best friend of numerous individuals. But let’s see in which conditions it is effective.

1. Chronic health issues

Widely used to treat or diminish symptoms in affections such as Parkinson’s disease, arthritis or spinal stenosis, this kind of approach became the most used therapy and it is quite successful if paired with proper medication. The programs are customised to fit the patient’s needs and current capabilities and they are developed to increase strength in muscles and ligaments, joints and oftentimes to increase bone density. A specialised therapist will guide the patient throughout the workouts; they will teach them how they can be accomplished in the comfort of their own homes, and they will develop strategies effective to prevent future injuries.

2. Disabilities caused by various health conditions

Stroke is one of the most common heart diseases, and one of the main causes of death around the globe. When it is not fatal, it can leave the victim disabled on different levels of severity. Oftentimes occurring on the side of the body affected by stroke, the survivors remain impaired on half of the body. Sometimes the impairment occurs only in one hand, for example. Such conditions can be healed and the symptoms diminished considerably if in the recovery process is integrated physical therapy.  In reputable clinics, there are available cardiac rehab and stroke rehab therapies that focus on regaining strength and flexibility in the muscles and ligaments affected by such diseases. They closely collaborate with speech therapists and occupational therapists for a full recovery of the survivor. However, physical therapy contributes greatly to the quality of life of such patients.

3. Childhood health conditions and physical therapy

A large number of physical therapy clinics are flooded with children that encounter certain difficulties in developing a strong and harmonious bone and muscle systems. Health conditions such as cerebral palsy affects the children’s flexibility, range motion and endurance, things that can be corrected with a proper therapy program. In such clinics, specialists asses the patient’s situation and then propose the most appropriate exercises in order to increase strength in muscles, joints and ligament as well as decrease the level of pain experienced.

Physical therapy proved to be one of the most efficient approaches for numerous health conditions, caused by diverse affections. With results that translate mainly in increased flexibility levels, stronger muscles and reduced levels of pain, for many patients, it is the only solution for living a normal and painless life.

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