Jul - 22 - 2011

Cure for insomnia

Insomnia – transient phenomenon or symptoms of a disease

Everybody gets the periodic impairment, occasional, quantity and/or quality of sleep. In the case we are unable to sleep because we have in mind a problem that bothers us or a difficult task at work, because we’re cold and cough or have a fever, after all they will pass we will have again refreshing, enough quantity, restful sleep.

If we do have regular problems with sleep, if we constantly feel sleepy during the day and if we cannot focus, things are getting serious and they can disrupt work, family relationship and really can be life threatening.

When should we worry about episodes of insomnia

The way we behave on a very good indication of the severity of insomnia. Episodes of sleep which must alert us and make us ask for help are followed by drowsiness, irritability, lowering the concentration and reaction speed during the day.

It is difficult not to fall asleep when we are sitting on a chair or sofa, when we read or watch television. Also, unexplained nervous explosions appear and feel the need to drink coffee, tea, energy drinks.

Tips for a good sleep at night

Body relaxation techniques offer a way to relieve tension, eliminating the stress with physical and mental rest. Also, they help us fall asleep faster and get back to sleep if we awaken during the night. As part of routine preparation for sleep, they may include deep breathing exercises (abdominal), progressive muscle relaxation or meditation.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that treats problems by changing dysfunctional or destructive thoughts, emotions and behavior patterns. This therapy improves sleep by changing habits before bedtime, and by controlling the thoughts that prevent us from sleep.

Drug treatment is highly effective especially in the administration of short duration, such as trips that involve changing the time zone to initiate behavioral therapy or after periods of severe sleep deprivation.

Doctors advise if it is necessary that hipno-inducting drugs (which induce and maintain sleep) to be administered over longer periods, is recommended rather an administration only if the patient needs it than daily. Nevertheless, you should avoid classic sleeping pills as they can come with certain side effects. For starters, they make you feel very tired in the morning. Moreover, if your insomnia is caused by a breathing disorder, sedatives can severely threaten your health and in some extreme cases, they can even cause death. Instead of classic sedatives, we advise people who suffer from mild insomnia to take Alteril sleeping tablets. Alteril is an all natural sleep aid. It doesn’t contain any synthetic drugs and it doesn’t come with any side effects. If you combine it with a relaxing herbal tea and some soothing music, Alteril can be a great insomnia treatment.

What if insomnia does not disappear

The doctors warned that persistent insomnia is usually a symptom of medical or psychological problems unresolved and cannot be treated only by chronic use, sometimes abuse, of sleeping pills.

For this reason, it is essential that drug treatment of insomnia to be preceded by a rigorous psychiatric evaluation and a thorough medical and psychological causes of lack of sleep.

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