Mar - 17 - 2017

Dealing with sleep apnea

You might say that sleep apnea is just another sleep disorders and as many others, it has to do with stress. If people would just relax, meditate before going to sleep, maybe do a bit of yoga, things would turn for the better. Well, if other sleep disorders could be treated in this matter, sleep apnea is a bit more complicated and requires a different approach. Before heading out to one of the sleep apnea Iowa center to obtain the solution to your problem, you might want to read a bit about it. If a treatment is applied incorrectly or if the incorrect treatment is recommended, you will still be deprived of sleep. You might not be an expert like the ones you are about to see, but getting some info about this sleep disorder is a good idea. So, here they are, helpful facts about sleep apnea.

Basic facts: what is it?

Sleep apnea is actually a disorder that has to do with our breathing channels. Basically, during sleep, for various reasons, your breathing process is interrupted. It is true that when sleeping, the breathing process slows down, but not completely. In the case of people suffering from sleep apnea, this happens, for several, hundred times during the night. The causes are multiple, as you are about to find out. However, it is important to acknowledge this issue and treat it as a real disorder, because it can affect your brain. In the case of sleep apnea patients, not enough oxygen is given to the brain affecting its functions.


Sleep apnea causes

So, during sleep, not enough oxygen reaches the brain. Why does this happen? Well, one of the causes experts have identified is weight. Overweight individuals have been known to have this sleep disorder. Then there are people suffering from various nasal problems, such as a deviated septum, allergies even nasal obstruction. Also, males usually suffer from illness, although women are not excluded. But this is not all. Experts say that stress is also a cause for suffering from sleep apnea. In fact, if you pay attention to studies, stress is the main cause for everything.


Sleep apnea effects

You might think that being deprived of sleep is the only notable effect this illness has. Well, this is such a general effect and it is usually manifested in different ways. For instance, people suffering from sleep apnea are depressed, suffer from headaches and in some cases are wrongfully diagnosed with ADHD. There are even more serious effects such as a high blood pressure, diabetes and an increased heart attack failure risk. Not to mention that it is quite frustrating. You try your best, but you are not able to sleep.


If you find that you wake you during the night with a feeling that you cannot breath, go see a specialist. There are treatments for sleep apnea and these will most certainly improve the quality of your life! Tell them about your problem and they will definitely help you overcome this situation.

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