May - 25 - 2017

Dental plaque, risks and solutions – Electrical toothbrushes


Plaque build-up on teeth is a common issue, nevertheless a complicated one. It leads to inflammation and gum disease. Painful and bleeding, inflammation in the gums can lead to various other complication and infections, throughout the body. Although plaques could lead to various gum diseases, you must prevent it somehow from appearing. Flossing and proper brushing might help you to eliminate this danger. You can truly get healthy teeth if you are vigorously brushing them with an electrical toothbrush daily. However, let’s find out more about the common dental issues provoked by plaque and some remedies.

Gingivitis, a mild gum infection

Gingivitis is usually caused by plaque, a soft layer that covers the surface of your teeth. The layer consists of bacteria and it causes a mild inflammation in the gums. Really important is to pay your dentist a visit if you notice swollen gums, or an unusual colour in them. However, if you want to prevent such issues from appearing, make sure you floss daily, and wash your teeth after each meal. Use an electrical toothbrush. They clean the teeth thoroughly, without being too harsh. Ask your dentist to recommend a brand, or do the research yourself. Dedicated websites analyse various brands and their products, which makes the process of choosing a product considerably easier.

Periodontitis, a more complicated issue

When the soft plaque turns into calculus, there will appear a hard layer that covers the teeth. This layer will ultimately dig into gum tissue and will cause severe inflammation, bleeding and infections that will spread throughout the body. Untreated, this issue might affect even the bone that supports the gums, weakening it and causing your teeth to fall. However, plaque can be removed if shallow, by washing and cleaning out teeth properly. Once again, there appears the necessity of investing in a good electrical toothbrush and using it after each meal for cleaning your teeth. Flossing is also necessary, but if you have severe plaque, it might be impossible for you to complete this task. Make sure you check in with your dentist if your issues are more complicated, and have them to remove your plaque professionally.

Electrical toothbrushes – How to pick them?

You must look for certain characteristics in a toothbrush. They will determine how much it will help you to remediate your plaque issues, and how comfortable you will be feeling while using it.

  • Pay attention to its size. It will determine how much access you have in the back of your mouth. For adults, the head of the toothbrush should be no larger than half of an inch.
  • Search for varied bristles. They will help you to eliminate more plaque than a flat toothbrush would. Also, make sure that not only their size varies, but also their texture. Search for a toothbrush that has combined harsh bristles and well as soft ones.

These are some simple rues you must follow if you want to eliminate the prospect of gum diseases. Make sure that you check in with your dentist if you notice something abnormal.

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