Jan - 6 - 2017

Discover the two types of calcium deficiency you can suffer from


Calcium has a crucial role in our bodies and in case we are dealing with a mineral deficiency, a series of health issues could occur. Many of these health problems could have a great impact on people’s life, and it could even threaten their life. So it is advisable for them to be aware and informed, because it is essential for everyone to understand that this mineral is important in building a normal heart rhythm, strong teeth and bones and powerful muscle contractions. Also, taking Algaecal would help people regulate their blood pressure and relax their muscles. In other words this is one of the minerals that helps human body functioning optimally every day, and it is important for people to know when they are dealing with a deficiency, because there could be two types of this health disorder, and it is important to distinguish them.

Dietary calcium deficiency signs

This is one of the types of calcium deficiency, and people might experience it in case they feel pain to their back or neck. Also, people who feel bone tenderness or pain might have to deal with it, and it is advisable to take calcium supplements as soon as they notice these symptoms. In addition, in case they have a minor or no trauma, and they get bone fractures, then they might experience this health issue. A sudden loss of weight is one of the signs of calcium deficiency. People who are experiencing a humped or stooped posture should be aware because they might have dietary calcium deficiency. Dietary calcium deficiency is the result of an inadequate diet, so the ones who are dealing with it, should focus more on the nutritional intake their body has.

Hypocalcaemia signs

The other type of calcium deficiency is hypocalcaemia and it is caused in the majority of cases by taking medications. The ones who are suffering from this disorder would feel muscle cramps. Also, they might experience poor appetite and numbness, and in this case it is advisable to talk with a doctor, and see what the problem is, because it might require more than just taking calcium supplements. The dosage and type of the supplements is important, and people should not ignore these signs. Other symptom of this issue is when people notice that they bleed under the skin under the form of tiny red dots. It is advisable to talk with a doctor in both of the cases.

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