Apr - 5 - 2016

Getting a facelift – what to expect?

Your face is definitely the best tool you have to show your emotions and your mood. That is why you probably already know that in order to keep it glowing and neat, you need to use specialised products. Although these are already part of your day to day routine and manage to keep your complexion healthy and young, repeated gestures and expressions will undoubtedly leave marks on your face. With the passing of time, you will start noticing aging signs that you can no longer eliminate with cosmetic products. For this reason, if you reach a point where you always seem to look tired or haggard, you will have to consider surgical procedures. These are the most trustworthy and safe method for eliminating small wrinkles, dark circles or other common issues women your age are experiencing. So start looking for a reliable clinic and discuss with a cosmetic specialist to find out which are your options. Most of the times, you will be recommended to get a facelift – a common intervention aimed to offer your face a more youthful appearance.

What type of problems can a facelift solve?

If you use the services of a professional clinic that offers facelift in London, you should start by discussing with your doctor about what you want to achieve. Expectations vary from one patient to another, which is why the results come as a mutual agreement between the surgeon and the patient. This guarantees expectations are as realistic as possible and individuals understand exactly the procedure. This is happening because facelift surgery is an intervention aimed to address specific problems that appear with aging and patients have to be aware of its purpose. Among others, if you decide to get a facelift, you can expect to get rid of loose or sagging skin, redefine your features and have a firm jaw line and neck skin.

Which are the benefits of facelift surgery?

As a general idea, you should know that a successful face lift surgery will make your skin look younger with up to five years. In addition to this, the operation has many other advantages and can change your appearance in many ways. It can tighten the skin layers of your face, reducing deep wrinkles and restoring deep tissue. This way, you will get back to the contour you used to have years ago. Furthermore, since there will be less saggy tissue, this will put less pressure on the upper layers of the skin. For this reason, the results of the surgery are likely to last longer. Once you get older, the tissue gets worn out and the only solution you have is tightening it through a surgical intervention.

How to choose a reliable clinic?

It is true that a face lift can help you look younger, but there have also been cases when the surgery did not reach its purpose. For this reason, it is extremely important for you to choose one of the best clinics in your city and even country, such as Centre for Surgery. Ask for referrals and recommendations or simply search online, but make sure the practice you choose has no negative reviews or feedback.

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