Jul - 27 - 2017

Going to the doctor while living in France

France is considered one of the best destinations to relocate, not only due to the worldly famous Parisian air, but because the great job opportunities that exist there, the good standard of life and top quality healthcare services. Going to a doctor in France implies going through several important steps though, so if you need to see a doctor, make sure you follow these easy steps:

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Find the best doctor

There are many doctors providing services in France, and many of them are extremely good in what they do. However, depending on the health issue you have, make sure you select the right doctor. For this, you may have to do some detailed online research and make a list of all the doctors specialized in the area you are interested in. Ask for recommendations to make things easier to you.

Call the doctor’s office to make the appointment

When calling the doctor’s office to make the appointment, make sure you also ask about the documents you need to bring with you. Carte Vitale Seine Saint Denis is probably the most important of them all, so don’t forget it at home! You will probably be asked whether you are a new or an old client, as well as some personal details such as your full name, date of birth, and some contact details.

Why is Carte Vitale so important in France?

You should know that one of the most important documents all France’s residents need to have is the Carte Vitale. On this card you have nearly all medical information on yourself that a doctor needs whenever you request medical services. Social security number, information on medical insurance or contact details of a next of kin person, these are all on this automated social security card called Carte Vitale. In most cases, the employer is the one who has to go and submit the papers in order for the employee to obtain this Carte Vitale.

What to expect and what not to when going to a doctor in France

  • Expect to be treated with high level of professionalism. Most doctors working in France have vast knowledge in the field and are capable of providing you top quality services.
  • Don’t expect for those working at that doctor’s office to be fluent in your native language. They may know a bit of English. However, you should know that every conversation with a French should start with some French words, because in most cases this is how you get their attention and trust.
  • Expect for the doctor to be late. Yes, you read well. In France, doctors do take the time to tell their patients every detail they need to know about their health status. This means that your doctor may be a few minutes late for your appointment, so expect to wait for a few minutes more in the waiting room until they are ready for you.
  • Don’t expect to get a confirmation phone for your appointment. In most cases doctors stick to the schedule, so when they’re making appointments, they don’t cancel them out of a sudden. Some doctors do send texts one day before the appointment to remind the patient about it.

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