Jun - 30 - 2015

Health problems caused by old or broken boilers

During the cold winter months, people turn on their gas boilers or heating systems to stay warm, but, unfortunately, they are not diligent when it comes to repairing or simply inspecting these systems prior to using them. Neglecting this process can have serious repercussions on one’s health, leading to respiratory problems and, in some cases, even death. To prevent gas boilers from becoming a health hazard for your family, contact a gas boiler service London contractor at least once every twelve months. The main risk that you expose yourself to if you do not do this is carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be lethal.


Carbon monoxide poisoning is often caused by malfunctioning boilers

Old boilers run the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. This is a toxic gas that affects people both on short and long term and, unfortunately, many people die because they do not realise they are not being exposed to it. Carbon monoxide leaks are nearly impossible to detect without alarms, because this gas does not give off any smell and is colourless. However, it does cause symptoms similar to the ones of the flu: migraines, tiredness, light-headedness or vomiting. When people are exposed to this substance for a prolonged period, they might even experience depression, anxiety, mood changes and, in later years, dementia. The main reason why people do not suspect a boiler malfunction is that they associate their symptoms with the flu and believe they will pass. However, unlike flu symptoms, carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms go away once the person is no longer exposed to the gas. If you notice the above mentioned symptoms only when inside and haven’t been diagnosed with any other condition, ask for a boiler check as soon as possible.


The importance of regular maintenance for your health


Inspecting boilers once or twice a year is essential, even if you think your heating system is in good condition. If you move to a new place with your family, make sure the boiler is in good condition. Ask a professional contractor to have it checked regularly and, if you notice a change in its performance or experience the above mentioned symptoms, call a servicing professional immediately. An excellent solution that can save your life is installing an alarm, so make sure you invest in one. Keep in mind that carbon monoxide detectors are different from smoke detectors, so you will need to have both. Even if asking for inspection regularly comes with a service fee, in the end this is all for your safety, so you shouldn’t postpone this process.


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