Feb - 10 - 2014

Health Risks Associated With Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are of great help for those who have trouble moving on their own,as these devices allow them to have a normal life. The use of mobility scooters has grown in the past few years, due to the fact that they provide disabled people with a feeling of independence and utility. More and more people have started using the mobility scooter, even though they are not registered as disabled or they have a minor disability that only feels uncomfortable in walking. Due to this excessive usage, there have been spotted various health problems caused by these devices. People who can walk should minimize the usage of the mobility scooters as much as possible and try to ride it only on long distances that would otherwise cause them pain. Although the best mobility scooter models offer a physical and mental comfort and give a feeling of independence and self-sufficiency, it is fairly believed that these machines can cause more harm than good and can create serious health problems such as heart and blood pressure issues, diabetes, muscle atrophy, breathing difficulties and even fatal strokes.

The risk of diabetes is increased

People who use mobility scooters in order to move around have an increased risk of developing diabetes due to the lack of exercise. Elderly people are more likely to suffer from hypoglycemia, which can lead to vision loss, atherosclerosis and stomach disorders. Diabetes can also lead to strokes and heart attack, being a common cause of death.

The lack of exercise increases blood pressure

Many mobility scooter users also needed high pressure pills after long term usage, in order to keep the blood pressure under control. These problems appear even with the best mobility scooter models. Cardiovascular problems are caused by the lack of movement and exercise, therefore are very common in people who use scooters daily and in any situation.

The mobility scooter can hurt people in traffic

Due to the fact that they are mostly driven by retired and/or disabled people, the mobility scooters represent a threat for safety on the roads. Many people have been hit by old men driving these scooters, and some of the injured have died, and even the drivers are liable to be injured by other traffic participants. As seniors who use the scooters don’t have to pass a test and don’t get a tutorial on how the machines work, you can’t help but wonder how do they know how to drive them and what safety precautions they should take in order to keep themselves and other people around them safe.

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