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Sep - 28 - 2016

A Few Common Myths and Misconceptions About Autism

When it comes to conditions like autism, myths and misconceptions can be extremely harmful. Unfortunately, autism is also such a complex condition that we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface, in terms of our understanding of it. Which is precisely why myths and misconceptions are as rife as they are – most simply aren’t up to speed on autism to the extent they believe they are. Of course, awareness […]

Sep - 27 - 2016

Signs of calcium deficiency

  There are many ways to tell if someone is having health issues, others than a diagnosis. It is important for us to be aware about the signals our body is sending us in different circumstances. You might not be able to pay a visit to your doctor monthly and some issues like calcium deficiency might occur meanwhile. It is important to be able to spot such issues, and paying […]

Sep - 5 - 2016

How Hospitalist Shifts Are Influenced by Patient Volume

The new doctor looking at hospitalist jobs has a lot to think about in terms of expectations and needs. Among the considerations are the varying kinds of shift models hospitals use to fill their schedules. Suffice it to say that there is no single shift model that works for every facility. In fact, much of what goes into planning shifts is primarily based on patient volume. There are a few […]

Jun - 27 - 2016

What Causes Internet Addiction in Adults?

While Internet addiction is slowly but surely becoming recognised as a genuine illness, it remains one of the most difficult of all addictions to spot. The reason being that it’s not exactly uncommon for adults and teenagers alike these days to spend almost every waking minute of every day glued to all manner of devices. This in turn makes it extremely tricky to draw the line between what’s now considered […]

Apr - 5 - 2016

Getting a facelift – what to expect?

Your face is definitely the best tool you have to show your emotions and your mood. That is why you probably already know that in order to keep it glowing and neat, you need to use specialised products. Although these are already part of your day to day routine and manage to keep your complexion healthy and young, repeated gestures and expressions will undoubtedly leave marks on your face. With […]

Mar - 25 - 2016

Take care of your skin with professional beauty products

Women know exactly how difficult taking care of their complexion actually is. Because of the changes in the climate that have turned sunlight into a serious enemy, because of the polluted air from all the cars on the streets, your skin can be easily damaged. Now more than ever before, women need to take care of their skin and to take all measures of precaution. This, of course, means using […]

Feb - 15 - 2016

Tips for your dog’s longevity

If you have finally managed to get a dog pet, you need to know that this does not come without strings attached. You are the one responsible for its wellbeing, so you have to take a lot of care to prevent any disease. The pet will become part of the family, which is why you need to be aware of the fact that it can have several health issues, as […]

Jan - 25 - 2016

Signs that you might have a cavity

Cavities happen to the best of us and even if they sometimes take us by surprise, most of the times there are a few signs that one should visit a dentist as soon as possible. If you still do now know how to identify the signs of a cavity, this is what should catch your attention and determine you to visit a dental clinic such as It hurts Pain […]

Jan - 25 - 2016

All you need to know about cavities

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems people have, yet few of them know exactly what they are and why they appear. Essentially, cavities are a form of tooth decay that can affect both the outer coating of a tooth called enamel as well as the inner part of the tooth called dentin. Those who have ever visited an Ottawa oral hygiene specialist have probably received some information […]

Dec - 24 - 2015

Top three services physiotherapy clinics can offer

When giving it a bit of thought, you will certainly come to the conclusion that the world changes a bit every second. It is really enough to look at the world of medicine and realise that great steps have been made to ensure all patients with solutions to problems. It may be true that in some cases a look in the past is the beginning step towards a real, noticeable […]

Dec - 20 - 2015

The effects yoga has on your body

  Aerobic exercise, meaning the type of activity that raises the heart and breathing rates, is considered to have the highest number of health benefits. This is by no way a popular opinion, but rather the finding of scientists. Examples of benefits brought about by aerobic exercise are improved sleep, high energy levels and lower risk of developing heart disease. However, it is not necessary to strain your body in […]

Dec - 14 - 2015

A few facts worth knowing about Thai massage

Who hasn’t heard of massage therapies? Even if you don’t know them by their names, you are still very much aware of their existence. Surely you have tried at least once to solve your problems by means of massage, from a simple headache to a shoulder rub, just to take of some of the pressure. Still, the field of massage is very rich in options, bringing forward all sorts of […]

Dec - 11 - 2015

What do medical sale jobs imply?

Biomedical research can be defined as an intellectual and practical field of work. Over the last years, pathology and laboratory medicine have made their contribution to advances in medicine, more precisely in areas such as diagnosis and pharmacogenetics. It is needless to say that to become a biomedical scientist it is necessary to acquire a doctoral degree in basic sciences. But where there is passion, there is will and most […]

Nov - 23 - 2015

Guide to finding the right eye doctor

People spend a lot of time on the computer, doing all sorts of things, from playing, trying to disconnect from stress and problems to working. Therefore, their eyesight is heavily put to use. In time, this could influence them and not in a good matter. At one point on another everyone ends up in the situation of having to visit an eye doctor. Since the world of medicine will offer […]

Nov - 11 - 2015

Remedies for a Sprained Ankle

Sometimes accidents happen. If there is a large crack in the sidewalk, a slippery floor, or an uneven step with no warning/caution signs, it is very easy to slip and fall. This slip could result in a number of injuries, including a sprained ankle. (Insert slip and fall reference to K&E). This is just one example of common ways to manage getting a sprained ankle. Sprained ankles can make living […]