Oct - 14 - 2015

Home care for cancer patients

Having cancer is not like having a flu and being sure that you will be healthy next week. Only the hearing of the C-word and people are frightened. Having cancer became the number one fear of the modern society, and when a person is diagnosed with it, he thinks that is the worst thing that could have happened to him. After the diagnose is decided a long path of treatment and home health care services are following, before the patient recovers his health. His emotions are affected and they experience anger, sadness, guilt, anxiety, fear about the future and even depression.

A cancer patient follows different types of treatments depending on the type of disease he has. Most of them have a combination of several treatments: radiation therapy, and surgery with chemotherapy. He may be part from a research study or follow a hormone therapy. Most of them feel exhausted in the treatment process and feel the need of staying home with their family, but their family may not know how to take care of them so the best option for a cancer patient who opts for this type of treatment is to hire a home care accredited person. Cancer patients choose to be cared at home, because they feel more secure and comfortable. Other reason for this choice is the feeling of being close to the loved ones.


Home care for cancer patients means that a whole team works in the patient interest, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, social workers and the patient’s family. A home care agency will provide the following services for the patients that they have in care: visits from registered nurses, access to medical equipment, help to prepare meals and to run errands, medication delivery. In this process, social workers and physical therapists will also visit the patient. The home care services can be provided either by the state or by the private system. The private home care service covers some of the hospice services and home care, but the patient has to ask exactly what services can he benefit from. When a cancer patient decides to hire an agency of home health care services, he has to search information about what services they offer and to make a choice between the state and private service. He has to take into consideration if the state of his disease needs only treatment and home observance or his has to be monitored by special equipment.


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