Jan - 26 - 2014

Huntington Disease

Sadly, these days many people confront themselves with health disorders that affect their normal lives. If you are a healthy person, who has experienced by now only catching flu and other minor health conditions, you should consider yourself very lucky, as there are people who undergo severe health conditions which make them unable to speak correctly or control their movements. Many things can be said about the illnesses and diseases which affect both young and old persons, these days. Basically, the infectious or transmissible diseases are the only disorders which can be prevented, if people follow immunizing programs. Mostly, the genetic diseases comprise various severe conditions which are not preventable and people inherit them from parents, having to struggle with their effects all their lives.

Cancers, tumors, Alzheimer’s disease, Hypothyroidism, Down Syndrome or Huntington disease are just a few names of the genetic disorders currently affecting people of our times. These illnesses develop either in early infancy or later on, when individuals are grown-ups. Unfortunately, these severe conditions are caused by abnormalities in genes or chromosomes, which make them hard to treat or prevent. The only thing medicine can do for the patients undergoing these conditions is to provide them pain relief by administration of analgesics.

Huntington disease is one of the genetic disorders which affect the muscular system. Basically, it is a neurodegenerative genetic condition which leads not only to problems in muscle coordination, but also to anxiety and cognitive dysfunction. This disease is most commonly reported to happen in mid-adult life. The cause of it stands in the presence of dominant mutation in a gene, which is the so-called Huntingtin gene. Babies are born with this gene, but they do not report any symptom until they are middle-aged. Typically, when one of the parents has Huntington disease, the chances for children to develop the same condition are 50% and if both mother and father are suffering from this disorder, children will have a 100% chance to be affected by this disease. Usually, the symptoms vary from individual to individual. Anyway, you should know that this disorder has a progressive nature and its early signs are given by changes in the individual’s personality, uncontrolled movements and balance problems. Later, this inherited disease affects the patient’s ability to speak, walk and even eat. There also are cases, when patients can not recognize their dear ones, yet they are still able to express their feelings and emotions.

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