Oct - 14 - 2011

Insomnia Symptoms

People who experience symptoms of insomnia for a great amount of time will eventually develop chronic insomnia. When this happens the well being of that person is turned up side down. This happens because in the natural cycle of sleep is disrupted over and over again it is difficult for him to return to normal.

Some people, without noticing, cause their insomnia by sleeping during the day or taking a nap early in the evening. It they do what we have mentioned earlier they will have difficulties, when it is time for bed, to fall asleep and will wake often during the night. People often don’t go to sleep on purpose thus leading to mental and physical problems.

Most people think that insomnia is a disease when in fact it is a symptom of physical or mental condition or caused by other factors. People who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder often have a problem sleeping and most common insomnia. Medication which has in its composition caffeine or stimulants can cause insomnia. Other factors are: emotional problems, stress, allergies or poor sleeping habits. Even air pollution has recently been proved to be linked with insomnia. Indoor pollution can cause sleep-disordered breathing which can cause sleep apnea or insomnia. If you feel like the air in your home is very heavy, you should consider an air purifier. You can find some great products on bestairpurifier.reviews. If that doesn’t solve the problem either, you need to consider other possible causes. Nevertheless, don’t ignore this condition. Take action as soon as you notice any of the symptoms presented bellow.

The symptoms that many sources have listed as being an effect from insomnia are:

• waking up too early
• fatigue
• racing mind
• not feeling rested after a night of sleep
• tiredness
• difficulty with memory
• difficulty falling asleep
• difficulty going back to sleep
• tiredness during the day
• having a hard time concentrating
• irritability
• sleeplessness
• mood alternations
• drowsiness
• headaches
• worries about not being able to sleep
• gastrointestinal problems

For a person who suffers from insomnia it means that it takes a large amount of time to fall asleep and the number of hours of sleep is not enough.

There are times when the problem it’s not insomnia as you think. It is a known fact that as we get older our sleep becomes lighter and shorter. Old people often find themselves tossing and turning in the middle of the night or early in the morning. As we get older our body does not feel the need of some much sleep.

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