Nov - 29 - 2016

Long-Standing Untruths About Alcohol NOT to Believe

One of the biggest issues when it comes to alcohol these days is that pretty much everybody will tell you something different. The simple fact is that as most people drink alcohol on a regular basis, most tend to think that a) these habits aren’t doing them any harm and b) they understand alcohol consumption comprehensively. As far as the professionals at are concerned though, this is just not the case at all.

There are so many untruths when it comes to drinking alcohol that is almost impossible not to fall foul of a few. Anything from what one should do when suffering a nasty hangover to the types of drinks one should never mix together and so on – all topics everybody has an opinion about, but relatively few in fact understand at all.

So for anybody who would prefer to separate the facts from the fiction, here is a short overview of a few untruths about alcohol you should not believe:

1 – If You Mix Alcohol with Energy Drinks, You Will Get More Drunk

Contrary to what many people believe, mixing drinks that are loaded with caffeine and sugar does not actually have any influence on how drunk you get from consuming any specific concoction. Instead, the caffeine just counteracts the drowsiness you would otherwise fall into from drinking alcohol, which in turn will encourage you to have more of the stuff. And naturally, the more caffeine you drink, the more energised you feel and the more you will find yourself drinking. This is exactly why it’s usually assumed that to drink energy drinks mixed with alcohol gets you more intoxicated, when in fact, it is simply a case that you probably drank more than you otherwise would.

2 – Consuming Spirits Before Beer Is OK, But The Other Way Round Makes You Sick

Once again, it is a common assumption that the order in which you have your drinks will have an effect on how intoxicated you get and how sick you will feel afterwards. In fact however, this really is not the case at all as what determines and influences sickness/intoxication is a combination of how much you consume alcohol and how fast you drink it. So no matter what you decide to drink and the order of it, the secret to good times lies in pacing yourself and being moderate.

3 – It’s Better If You Stick To Dark Alcoholic Drinks

If you have ever believed in the myth that consuming things like dark beer and red wine is much better than white wine or light beer, you’re most certainly not alone. This specific theory started from the fact that there seem to be more antioxidants in darker drinks than in their lighter counterparts. Sadly, darker drinks also contain more cogeners – chemicals that are created as part of the fermentation process and which will make hangovers much worse than usual. Suffice to say then, the negative sides definitely counteract the positive sides.

4 – Old Wine Is Better Than Young Wine

For any people that aren’t bona fide experts on fine wines, it is easy to fall foul of the hype surrounding old wines being fantastic and only increasing in value as they age. The trouble is though that this is valid only for specific types of wines, which means that in the majority of cases having bottles of wine lying around will not in fact do them any good whatsoever. One of the only beneficial aspects of wine consumption is that wine tends to have a relatively high antioxidants concentration. Sadly, this concentration decreases over time in the instances of most standard wines.

5 – Dark Beer Will Get You Intoxicated Faster Than Light Beer

Last up, the common belief that dark beer is in each case much higher in carbs, calories and alcohol content than lighter beer is totally and completely unfounded. You have probably been told many times that have a pint of stout is almost like having a real mean? Well, in reality standard stout is lower in alcohol and calories than standard light beer. Therefore the colour alone doesn’t have anything to do with the content of the drink, so don’t even for a second judge a book by its covers…so to speak.


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