Jun - 17 - 2015

Lose weight with Zumba exercises

As compared to traditional fitness exercises Zumba includes fun activities due to the fact that it incorporates Latin music and dance. By introducing rhythms in the workout trainers encourage people to lose more weight and at the same time have fun while doing so. Women who go to Zumba classes Golden Grove have witnessed the benefits of this type of workout. While traditional fitness exercises are focused on synchrony and perfect steps, Zumba is all about free movement and burning fat without having to feel exhausted at the end of the day. Contrary to popular belief, dancing helps lose more weight than traditional workout.

Brief description

Zumba is a combination between Latin and international dance moves that requires interval training and resistance to effort. It is basically a type of aerobic activity. The choreography that the trainer creates includes elements of hip-hop, salsa, mambo style and so on. The typical workout can last up to an hour and the exercises include both fast and slow rhythms. The classes are structured or the specific needs of every age. As a result there are nine types of classes, like for example Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba. The exercise routine was developed by Beto Perez who had to improvise at a class owing to the fat that he had forgot his aerobic tape.

Boosting the heart rate

The songs that are played during the workout speed the pace of the exercises and as a result the heart will beat much faster. As a general rule, aerobic exercises are designed to strengthen the body’s resistance to physical effort and the more someone makes while exercising, the more calories are burnt. This is the reason for which aerobic exercise burns more calories than fat. In addition to this, in the process of exercising the body releases endorphins, also known as happy hormones, into the bloodstream. In the long run, the person will get rid of stress and tension. The music will also ensure that the person will be more joyous after having finished the training. On the contrary, traditional workout exercises concentrate almost exclusively on exercising at a slow pace.

Tone and elasticity

The main advantage of Zumba exercises is the fact that besides losing weight, the combination of aerobic and dance will increase the reflexes of the body. The workout supposes a lot of stretching such as touching the toes and full splits. The rapid moves required by the dance steps will significantly contribute to the increase of the muscle mass and your abs will look like those in magazines. In addition to this, the skin will look healthier due to the fact that the body will flush all the toxins stored in the body.

To conclude, you will not even realize when time has passed. Apart from being an excellent and fun way to burn fat, Zumba is the perfect occasion to meet your friends. The sessions give the impression of being rather a party than regular exercise. The aerobic classes are specially designed so as to attract persons of all ages, including seniors. In the end, the result will not disappoint you.

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