Apr - 11 - 2013

Muscular System Diseases

These days, people confront themselves with countless illnesses and disorders that affect their ability to work and lead normal lives. You probably know by now that while some of the health disorders can be prevented or cured with right medication, others are medication resistant, which is why patients have to deal with them all their lives. Luckily, as science advances, new solutions and revolutionary treatments and medication are discovered, which proves to be very helpful in treating severe health conditions or improve some of them which are known to be untreatable. However, you should find out that the most concerning illnesses are given by the category of genetic diseases, which comprise various cancers and tumors that make people have a shorter life expectation, these days. Among other categories of health disorders, we want to draw your attention to muscular system diseases. So if you are eager to hear more about these health conditions, stick close and read on this article.

The first thing you need to know is that these disorders can be tied to hormonal, genetic, infectious, autoimmune or cancerous causes. Of course, as you have probably guessed the physical injuries can make another cause of the disorders of muscular system.

The most commonly known muscular system diseases comprise the following: muscular dystrophy, Rhabdomyolysis, Dermatomyosities, Myopathy, Atony, Central Core Disease and many more. Rhabdomyolysis is a very severe condition which leads to damage in muscles and release of a chemical termed as myoglobin, which also provokes kidney failure. Dermatomyosities is a condition which causes the muscles to weaken and it also leads to ulcer, fever and sudden drop in weight. Atony is a condition in which the nervous system is attached and damaged, which includes the muscle nerves.

People can inherit some of these diseases from parents, while others can happen to them due to various factors that exclude genes like wrong diets, lack of movement and even stressful living at work or home.

The most common minor conditions affecting the muscular system are cramps. We all know that occasionally we can experience painful cramps which can be felt like sudden muscle contractions. The causes of craps can be tied to practicing certain fitness exercises for too long or overdoing fitness or any other sport activity.

Nonetheless, you should know that many of the muscular system disorders can be treated by simply eating natural foods which can give you the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals and practicing aerobic or fitness exercises which involve stretches, push-ups or light weight lifting workouts.

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