Jan - 16 - 2013

Severe sore throat

If you are having a sore throat and you don’t know how to differentiate a severe sore throat from an ordinary one then you are in the right place.

The severe sore throat has its own name, pharyngitis, and also has more severe symptoms then an ordinary one. A severe sore throat lasts more than 3 day, and if your sore throat is a severe one you must go at the doctor. Other symptoms that a severe sore throat has are rashes, vomiting, headache and tonsillitis. If you are not sure what caused your sore throat, you can search online for some pictures of strep throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis and mononucleosis so you can look in the mirror and compare. The most important thing that you must know about a severe sore throat is that it comes with an intolerable throat pain, formation of white lesions or patches on your throat or tonsils and recurring sore. You must know that a severe sore throat can come without any sign of fever and that means that it is caused by a viral infection.

For a severe sore throat a good option is to go to the doctor and to take medications that are prescribed by him. Due to the fact that some pictures of strep throat, for example, can be very similar to pictures of tonsillitis, only a physician can correctly diagnose your condition. If you have one of these infections you must take the medications because the natural remedies are not longer effective. However if you want to ease your pain you could try some warm tea or even some comfort chicken soup recipes. Just make sure that the liquids that you drink are warm and not hot. Below I will present to you a list that you doctor may prescribe for a sever sore throat.

Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics or antivirals for your severe sore throat because they can manage with a throat infection which is severe.

Other things that you doctor can prescribe are liquid or tablet analgesics. These can help you cure the severe sore throat because they are helpful for the pain and fever that can come with the infection.

Antiseptics can also be prescribed for a severe sore throat. They are used for throat infections. If you are going to take antiseptics you must be very careful because they can cause tongue irritation and also lips irritation.

If you are having a severe sore throat you must know that natural remedies are just a palliative option and they are not a cure for it. You must know that you can use your home remedies but they will not help you severe sore throat cure and you can cure it by using medications. You can also cure your sore throat with surgery.

You must know that the most important thing is that you have to find out what kind of sore throat you are having, and if it is severe you will know how to treat it. A sore throat is often associated with common colds and it can be easily treated. Chicken soup recipes are amongst the best home treatments as they are full of nutrients and the warm liquid will calm down the sore throat. However, if the pain and discomfort are persistent you should visit a doctor as soon as possible as throat infections can be quite dangerous.

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