Mar - 31 - 2017

Signs it’s time to see a foot doctor

Our feet suffer due to lifestyle and choice of footwear. Whether it’s crossing Wayne, New Jersey in a hectic commute or not wearing the right shoe size, we often experience aches and pain. If you’re experiencing any kind of problem, you shouldn’t delay seeking medical attention. Only a specialist can help you if there’s no connection between your pain and your biomechanics. This specialist is called a foot doctor. Seeing a foot doctor Wayne is the best thing you can do. But is making an appointment really necessary? To know for sure if you have to see a podiatrist, look for the following signs.  

Persistent swelling or numbness

You have probably looked at your feet only not to recognize them. When you-re travelling a lot, you can expect to have swollen feet.  Feet that get swollen aren’t something to worry about. Yet, it’s not normal for the inflammation of the feet to persists or if your feet are inflamed and you haven’t even put stress on them. When you have pain and swelling, namely edema, it’s a good idea to see a foot doctor. Edema is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. Leg swelling is often a signs of blood clot or a serious condition.

Numbness is another thing to worry about.  Experiencing numbness can be a symptom of fibromyalgia, vitamin B-2 deficiency, and even diabetes. If the numbness in the feet is accompanies by tingling, you may suffer from nerve damage. If your foot just went numb, see a foot doctor right away.

Heel pain

Women are more prone to experiencing heel pain than men. This is because they wear stilettos all day long. If you’re like other women, then chances are you’re not ready to give up your heels. Why should you? The pain disappears after a while. But what if it doesn’t ? If you’re experiencing severe pain near your heel, you probably have Sever’s disease or fascial tear.   When you’re suffering from foot pain, it’s a good idea to see a podiatrist. Thankfully, there are many treatment options available.


Bunions are bony deformities that are caused by mechanical dysfunctions. A bunion is basically a bump at the base of the big toe. Bunions can cause severe pain, even constant pain.  If you wear the right kind of shoes, then you won’t have problems. The problem is though that you won’t give rid of the aching entirely. Eventually, you’ll have to see a foot doctor. Nowadays, bunions can be corrected without surgery.

Ingrown toenails

If you are too dedicated when it comes to your manicure, the likelihood is you’re dealing with ingrown toenails. Don’t worry, ingrown toenails are a common condition. If you’ve been too aggressive with the pedicure, don’t go to the salon. It’s advisable for you to see podiatrist.

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