Sep - 27 - 2016

Signs of calcium deficiency


There are many ways to tell if someone is having health issues, others than a diagnosis. It is important for us to be aware about the signals our body is sending us in different circumstances. You might not be able to pay a visit to your doctor monthly and some issues like calcium deficiency might occur meanwhile. It is important to be able to spot such issues, and paying attention to a number of signals your body is sending you, might enable a person to take action. Moreover, reading some Algaecal reviews might convince you regarding the importance of a healthy alimentation plan and calcium supplements. Below are some indicators for calcium deficiency.

You have brittle nails

Women know the importance of long strong nails. Besides the aesthetics involved, unhealthy nails might signal a serious calcium deficiency. Because this element is the reason your nails are growing strong and long, the lack of it causes them to break and exfoliate. If you see sings of this kind in yourself, regardless of the gender, you must take action and get some calcium supplements. In a short period, you will notice your nails to become harder and more resistant. A calcium deficiency goes beyond appearances. It can lead to serious health conditions and taking action at an early stage, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble.

You notice weakness is your muscles

Other signs of calcium deficiency are weak muscles or constant pain and cramps in them. Being an essential element for the proper functioning of your entire body, it is obvious why when lacking it, you might have a bad general state, starting with your muscles. To achieve optimal levels of calcium and make this uncomfortable symptom disappear, you must take some supplements. This way, you will be able to reach optimum levels of this element in your body and function just as before. Be aware about the fact that your body cannot assimilate calcium from your food intake in proper proportions. Therefore, search for high quality supplements to make sure your intake is optimal.

Your feel depressed and confused

If you feel depressed or moody for no apparent reason, you must know that a lower than recommended calcium intake might cause your bad mental states. If you also notice irritability, the inability to properly judge given situations and make rational decisions, chances are you might need to increase the daily calcium intake.

The signs above should not be ignored. They can lead to serious health conditions, and in elder individuals, will cause a number of bone fractures and heart issues. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle at any age, make sure your calcium intake is at recommended levels. Find appropriate supplements for you and be sure you take them as prescribed. There is an alternative for everybody, from pregnant women, to children and people past their young ages. Only the best supplements will come with all the other necessary elements, like Vitamin D, therefore document yourself well beforehand.

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