Jan - 25 - 2016

Signs that you might have a cavity

Cavities happen to the best of us and even if they sometimes take us by surprise, most of the times there are a few signs that one should visit a dentist as soon as possible. If you still do now know how to identify the signs of a cavity, this is what should catch your attention and determine you to visit a dental clinic such as accoladedental.com.

It hurts

Pain is the most obvious symptom that determines people to visit the dentist and most of the times a clear sign that you have a cavity. If a tooth begins to ache without being triggered by anything it means that most likely the infection has reached one of your nerves and you will need a more serious treatment. In any case, you should visit your dentist and he will tell you how to proceed from that point forth. Another type of pain that could occur is when you use that tooth. If you are experiencing any type of pain or tingling when you chew on something, make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible. Remember, that a cavity left untreated will only make the treatment more difficult and time-consuming, so you should never wait until you cannot bear the pain anymore.


Sensitivity to temperature and sugar

Another sign that you probably have a cavity is if one of your teeth is very sensitive to sugar and extreme temperatures. Does it hurt every time you eat something sweet? How about when you enjoy an ice cream or a hot cup of tea? If so, visiting an experienced dentist will rule out any cavities and offer you a solution to this problem. It can be very uncomfortable to want to eat something sweet and feel a sharp pain in one of your teeth all of a sudden, but if you treat it as soon as you discover it, chances are you will only need one or two visits to the dentist!


Bad breath

Even though there are several factors that could cause bad breath, cavities are one of them. If you constantly feel that you have a bad breath no matter how often you brush your teeth or how much gum you chew, you should visit a dentist because you might have a hidden cavity causing all these problems.


You notice some dark spots

This is not necessarily a sign of cavities, but it should still be checked by a dentist, because he will recommend a suitable treatment for the problem. You will most likely need a tooth x-ray to determine whether or not that spot is caused by a cavity and how serious the situation is.


These are the most obvious signs that you may be developing tooth cavities. Even though it is recommended that you visit a dentist every 6 months, most people fail to make regular appointments, but you should at least check to see if everything is in order if you have any one of these symptoms.

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