Jul - 1 - 2011

Surgeries that stop your snoring

If you wake up in the morning hurting that might be because your sleeping partner has tried to stop you from snoring but with no succes.This being the case your should seriously take into consideration having surgery.If you have tried everything to stop snoring but nothing has worked then you should consider calling you doctor and set up an appointment to talk about surgery.You should only use this procedure when serous health risks are involved because other than that your insurance company will file it as a cosmetic surgery.We will present you some options that your doctor will recommend when you go to him for a consultation.

The most simple procedure is somnoplasty which uses radiofrequency energy .This type of surgery requires only local anesthesia.The main procedure consists of electric discharges send through needs into the soft tissue thus eliminating the excess,the excess will be absorbed by the body.Because it is so simple you will need more than a session to fix your problem.

Uvuloplasty or LAUP along with Uyulopalatopharyngoplasty or UPPP for a procedure which aims to eliminate the soft tissue from the palate and the back of the throat and it is recommended to individuals suffering from mild apnea.The aim is to create a bigger space for the air to circulate.The whole process happens under general anesthesia because of the complexity and the recovery is some what long,up to three weeks of recovery needed.The LAUP procedure is recommended for those who have a loud snore.

The mandibular maxillar advancement surgery is a procedure which aims people who have abnormalites of the throat of the face which cause them the snore.This is for people who suffer from sever apnea and the goal of the surgery is to fix the abnormalities from the throat or from the face,depending on what is the case.

Nasal surgery is very known and it is categories as being a cosmetic surgery but in fact its goal is to fix the deviated septum which block the air from normally coming in and out.

Last but not least,the GGA or the Genio-Glossus Advancement. This procedure operates on the tongue,suspending it so that it does not block the airway passage.The tongue is hold in its place with a tiny screw inserted into the lower jawbone.The surgery can also reduce the base of the tongue creating more space thus eliminating the snore.The GGA surgery is reversible. As you can see these procedures are not invasive at all. However, all surgical procedures have a level of risk. Complications are not uncommon and even a small medical error can affect you. Despite the advancement of the medical world, clinical negligence is still a serious issue. Keep in mind that these procedures should only be performed if your condition is serious and it is affecting your health. It can be quite traumatizing to undergo such a procedure without any serious reasons and to end up suffering injuries caused by clinical negligence. We hope that you found this information useful and that it will help you make a decision.

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