Jun - 17 - 2015

Symptoms of digestive conditions that can be treated with naturopathy

Digestive conditions affect a considerable part of the population, regardless of the age, genre or social status. Of course, some patients are more prone than others to developing digestive disorders, because of their jobs, lifestyle or medical history. Sometimes, even individuals who consider themselves healthy can experience the occasional bloating or stomach pain, but, unfortunately, these symptoms are ignored and considered benign until a more serious problem develops. When asked about the growing rate of digestive conditions, a naturopath in Melbourne will answer that they are not entirely due to genetic predispositions and that, in many cases, they are caused by the unhealthy food people eat and the use of questionable standards in the food industry. In this context, naturopathy comes a healthier alternative, not only for people who suffer from serious digestive conditions, but also for those who are just starting to see their first signs.

Nausea, vomiting and pain – caused by gut imbalance

According to naturopaths, the gut is one of the essential components of a healthy digestive system and when it is not balanced, it leads to unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and pain. People are rarely aware of this and don’t know how to treat it. They take medicine without caution, not knowing that this can affect their digestive system in the long run. Naturopaths have a gentler approach, suggesting treatments that balance the gut.


Bloating, gas and indigestion

Some people have gotten so used to feeling bloated after they finish their meals that they don’t even seek help anymore. The feeling of a bloated stomach, followed by excessive flatulence and frequent indigestions is not normal and should not be present in a healthy body, especially when you are not eating something out of the ordinary. If you have to ration your food to avoid bloating and you have increased sensitivity to almost everything you eat, ask a naturopath about what could cause your problem.


Intestinal parasites, ulcers and liver problems

Some symptoms are more worrying than others and they don’t always have to be caused by irresponsible eating. For example, if you drink unfiltered water or untested meat, you might catch an intestinal parasite. Contact a professional naturopath for help, because parasites rarely go away on their own. Also, the symptoms caused by ulcers or liver problems can be very painful and affect your daily life, so do not ignore them, because they could worsen your condition.

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