Dec - 13 - 2012

Symptoms of strep throat

Many people confuse the following terms: sore throat, tonsillitis and strep throat but these are some different diagnostics. If you want to know how to find out if you’re suffering from strep throat, here is a list with the symptoms of strep throat that will help you figure it out:

  • The first tip from the list of symptoms of strep throat is a sudden and painful sore throat without any signs of cough, sneeze or other symptoms that can indicate you a flu; the incubation period for strep throat is on average three days, but it can also occur in 2 to 5 days.
  • The most important from the list of symptoms of strep throat is fever. If you’re having a 38,3 C degrees fever call your doctor because this is one of the most important symptoms of strep throat;
  •  Next on the list of symptoms of strep throat are the swollen lymph nodes that you can feel in your neck;
  • If you’re having white or yellow spots on the throat check the list of symptoms of strep throat and you can surely find it as a symptom;
  • Another important symptom that you have to be careful when you check the list of symptoms of strep throat is the bright red throat or dark red spots on the roof of the mouth.
  • A viral infection may cause the next one on the list of symptoms of strep throat: swollen tonsils. Be very careful to read all about it and then go to your doctor to confirm it.

There is an easier way for you to make the difference between a cold and a sore throat but is harder for you to know when you’re having a strep throat. When it comes for a sore throat you have to know that is caused by a viral infection. The symptoms of strep throat don’t always match with the symptoms of a cold like: coughing, sneezing or a stuffy nose. If you’re having more symptoms of cold and less symptoms of strep throat, then it is likely to have a strep throat.

The most common from the list of symptoms of strep throat is a rash that appears and spread over your neck and chest and in some of the cases in your entire body. The rush is rough like sandpaper and is usually called scarlet fever. This is one of the symptoms of strep throat that you can treat with antibiotics. If you have to travel but fear contracting strep throat, you should find some travel insurance. You can see a lot of travel insurance reviews online or in specialized magazines, and they should be able to show you what kind of agencies are at your disposal and what kind of benefits they offer. You should never trust all travel insurance reviews however, and if you can get them from more than one source, even from customers if possible, then you can be more certain of the agency’s capacities. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to travel while suffering from strep throat, but this is one of the measures you can take in case you have no choice of avoiding it

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