Oct - 23 - 2018

Symptoms That You Have a Substance Addiction

There is no benefit in substance abuse.  It is unfortunate that many of those suffering from it never knew how they got this far. They may use marijuana for recreational purposes once in a while and think it is not a big deal; then they find themselves using it more frequently until they just cannot do without it every day.  Bear in mind that some prescription drugs can also lead to drug addiction. Maybe it was prescribed for pain, but you may find yourself craving the drugs long after the pain is gone.  If you are currently suffering from drug addiction, you should try holistic rehabs for a complete recovery.

Many of those who become addicted wouldn’t have experienced addiction if they could detect the symptoms; such detection would have alerted them to the consciousness of what is about happening to them. This would have prompted them to take steps toward preventing addiction. In this write-up, you will learn about a couple of symptoms of substance addiction.  Bear in mind that the symptoms described below are not pathognomonic to substance addiction; some other conditions, like adolescent development, physical or mental problems, may also prompt some of the symptoms. If they occur in a cluster or persist for long, then it is a possible sign of substance addiction.

The behavioral symptoms

  • Change in hobbies or activities
  • Drop in school grades or poor performance at work
  • Change in overall personality or attitude without any identifiable cause.
  • A general lack of motivation, and energy with the person assuming an “I don’t care” attitude.
  • Forgetfulness or Inability to pay attention
  • Sudden resentful behaviors, temper tantrums or oversensitivity
  • Chronic dishonesty
  • Complaints of sore jaws
  • Possession of false ID card
  • Unexpected and urgent need for money, which may prompt stealing

Symptoms associated with specific substance abuse

  • Marijuana: The individual will develop red, glassy eyes, inappropriate and loud talking, a sweet burnt scent, weight loss or weight gain, loss of motivation or interest.
  • Alcohol: Walking difficulty, clumsiness, dilated pupils, poor judgment, sleepiness, and slurred speech
  • Stimulants like methamphetamine, crack and cocaine: Euphoria, hyperactivity, anxiety, irritability excessive talking or sleeping at odd times.

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