Jun - 2 - 2011

Ten steps for a organic skin care

Making your skin look beautiful is sometimes a goal difficult to achieve. Most of us spend a lot of money on various products on the market trying to find the right one. You probably have more then a dozen of bottles and jars only half empty because your skin did not tolerate them.
I have decided to make a change and turned to organic skin care methodes. During this process I found my skin felt lighter and looked more natural,my skin responded in a positive way. The products I have tried before were gooey and heavy on my skin and they also clogged my pores.
Here are the steps that have helped me and it is important to say that these are nor just for women,they can also be used by man.

Step 1:Cleansing
You should avoid cleanses which strip the natural oil from your skin. Avoidd products whichcontain Sodium lauret sulphate. They may appear to wash the skin good but they cause blackheads and can irritate the skin and the eyes. It is better to use organic cleanses such as products with coconut oil. They don’t make as much foam as the industrial ones but they don’t irritate you and they get rid of the dirt and debris on your skin. Cleansing is the most important step in achieving a healthy skin so you have to choose the right one.
You will have to tone after you cleanse in order to correct the PH balance of the skin.

Step 2:Slough
Peeling keeps away dead cells and dirt that make the skin look unatractive. It also helps clean the clogged pores which are a cause of breakouts. Avoid defoliants which have in their content apricot or walnut seeds because they irritate your skin. It is advisable to use Alpha hydraulic acid or glycolic acids to exfoliate since they can be found in fruits and foods such as:citrus,apples and grapes.

Step 3:Fortify
It is also known as moisturizing. If you use synthetic oils you will irritate your skin,cause breakouts and rashes. However,if you use organic oils they will help keep the moisture in the skin. A natural alternative to the Hexane,found in many products on the market,are vegetable oil and cold-pressed nuts. They are a better alternative because they contain vitamins and minerals that the skin needs.

Step 4:Protect yourself when exposed in the sun
The natural barriers that reflects UVA and UVB are sunblocks with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Thee syntheticingredientss found insunblocks on the market are Octyl Methooxynnamate and Parasol which cause rashes and irritate the skin.

Step 5:Facial
You can have one at a spa treatment or at home but it must be done at least four times a year.

Step 6:Sleep
Make sure you get enough sleep. Rest in not only good for the body and mind it also makes your skin looking younger and healthier.

Step 7:Hydration
Avoid having a dry environment so that your skin stays hydrated,Mist your face with rose water or chamomile to keep skin from drying out.

Step 8:Healthy lifestyle
Stay away from foods full of fat and sugar and you will see the improvement in your skin. Detox occasionally and keep away from alcohol and smoking.

Step 9:Exercise
Exercising means energizing your body and mind which results in beautiful,toned skin. Start by doing exercises 30 minutes per day at least three times a week.

Step 10:De-stress
Reduce the stress by doing yoga,meditating or reading. This will reduce the stress lines from your face. The most common factors that wrinkle the skin are stress and anxiety.

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