Jan - 29 - 2018

Things all expecting parents should know


Pregnancy is a period filled with plenty of emotions and health-related concerns for all parents. What should you do to have an easier pregnancy? How should you modify your daily schedule to adapt better to your new status? How should you care better for yourself and unborn baby? These questions are all normal and a proof that you care for your baby more than anything. Below we have some pieces of advice for all expecting parents for a healthier pregnancy and a healthier baby.

It’s time to adapt your nutrition

Ditch the junk food if you were a fan, and start thinking about what your body and baby’s needs. A well-balanced diet will help you feel better, less bloated and your baby develop properly. Every woman, for the duration of their pregnancy should mix the following nutrients.

  • Increase your daily protein intake at 60 grams daily, from the first trimester of your pregnancy. Lean meat, fish and even peanut butter to satisfy your cravings are perfect if you want to mix and match various meats and rotate those on a weekly basis.
  • Your calcium intake should increase at least 1,000 milligrams per day.
  • Complex carbohydrates. Fruits, vegetables, whole bread, rice, cereal and pasta. These are all recommended, and you want to make sure that these are whole grain and unprocessed.
  • Yet another crucial element of your pregnancy diet, folic acid is essential for your baby’s development. Increase your daily intake at 400micrograms daily.
  • Take supplements as your doctor recommends. In most of the cases, diet alone won’t provide you with all the necessary nutrients and prenatal vitamins are a good way to have those.

Consider cord blood stem cell banking

Even if you are in your first trimester, you must consider this option as a solution to a series of health-related issues of your baby or their siblings. Cord blood stem cells are a type of more primitive stem cells, which makes those incredibly versatile in treating a variety of potentially life-threatening conditions. Type I diabetes and autism are only two of the conditions in which these cells can be used, and a variety of cancers have been cured with stem cell therapies. Therefore, make sure to discuss with a public cord blood banking facility and have those harvested during your delivery. Even if your child is born healthy, it’s always great to know that no matter how their health state is evolving, you have a solution.

Get moving

Unless your pregnancy is a problematic one, you should get involved in daily exercises. These will decrease your chances of developing gestational diabetes and help you have a smoother labour. If you didn’t have a habit out of exercising, start with 30 minutes of light walking, in most of the weekdays. If you were a workout enthusiast, you can consider aerobic classes for pregnant women, under the strict surveillance of a professional trainer. Never attempt to exercise alone, as you may hurt yourself.

These are some things pregnant women should follow in order to have a smoother delivery, a healthy baby and an overall better experience while pregnant.

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