Nov - 25 - 2012

Types of Humidifiers

Humidifiers are very useful items to have around the house, helping you maintain humidity levels within normal range during harsh winters or in dry climates. They also prevent certain respiratory issues, so there is no doubt about humidifiers being useful and valuable. If you want to buy such an unit and you want to rely on reviews found online, you must make sure they come from reliable sources, meaning professional platforms that specialize in the field. Personal reviews are always a bit subjective, which is why you should look for platforms that offer professional reviews.

There are several types of humidifiers available on the market and if you want to buy the best room humidifier, you need to know the differences and similarities between them. Of course, their variety also depends on the term of comparison, as you can use different aspects to compare them by. Size is such an aspect for instance or capacity, as there are small humidifiers that have the capacity to balance the humidity level in one room, called tabletop humidifiers, large, stand alone console models, which have the capacity to humidify a larger number of rooms or even an apartment, as well as in-duct models, which are used in heating systems and can humidify a whole house.

Each of these types further has different sub-categories within, which is why it’s so important for you to get your facts straight before purchasing such an item. The more you know about the variety of humidifiers, their capacity and their pros and cons, the higher the chances of you making an educated purchasing decision. There are many buying guides out there that can help you select the best product for your particular needs.

As far as tabletop humidifiers are concerned, there are three major types in this category: cool mist humidifiers, warm mist humidifiers and vaporizers. The first type uses a fan in order to blow the air over a wet filter or a wick. Consequently, the water in the filter evaporates. Some of them use ultrasonic technology, which makes them exceptionally quite and many families with small babies prefer them. Warm mist humidifiers have heating units, reason for which many pediatricians don’t recommend them for baby or children rooms. They pose a risk for accidental scalding or burns, if the unit is touched or knocked over by a curious child. There are some models of humidifiers that provide both cool and warm mist functions, called dual mist humidifiers. The vaporizers boil water to create steam and they are very rarely used these days, although you can still find them in stores.

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