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Oct - 22 - 2020

Essentials for Reducing the Spread of Airborne Diseases

The global pandemic of 2020 has brought airborne diseases to the forefront of many discussions. One positive of this cultural climate is that people are becoming more aware of how illnesses can spread. Here are three essential ways to help reduce the spread of many airborne diseases, such as influenza. 1. Cover Your Face The easiest way to keep your face covered is by making sure you’re wearing face masks. […]

Nov - 21 - 2015

Mold allergy symptoms

  The majority of people are misdiagnosed and mistreated when they accuse symptoms similar to a sinus infection. The doctors that treat them do not take into consideration that they may have a mould allergy. People are not aware that many respiratory problems can be caused by mold, especially because this fungus is hiding. All mold types can cause illnesses, depending on their type and how long people are exposed […]

Sep - 12 - 2015

Fighting childhood obesity – boot camps

Childhood obesity has reached an alarming level in the past decade and more and more children are suffering from an adverse effect on health. The excess body fat can only be reduced though a combination between physical activity and a healthy diet. Unlike adults, children cannot have a strict diet, because it will hinder their development, so becoming physically active is essential, f they want to lose weight. Considering the […]