Oct - 23 - 2012

What helps a sore throat

If you are having a sore throat and you are wondering what helps a sore throat cure, then you are in the right place because in this article I will tell you that.

Firstly I will tell you what causes a sore throat. The first cause and the most common culprit is the common virus. In about 95% cases the common virus causes the sore throat. The sore throat can also be caused, not so common, by the Streptococcus bacteria. In that case you must know that can appear other diseases like rheumatic fever or scarlet fever. To treat a bacterial infection you can take antibiotics but you also must know that a viral throat infection will not be affected by the antibiotics.

The sore throat can also be caused by the way we breathe, by smoking and by the excess build up of mucus in the back of our nose.  To avoid standing in cigarette smoke first rule is to thoroughly clean the room. Vacuum cleaners are the most important cleaning items that all the homes should have.

Now let’s find out what helps a sore throat cure. If you want to find out what helps a sore throat cure you must know that are a lot of home remedies that you can try. It is important to drink a lot of liquids and consume plenty of vitamins so you should make a visit to the supermarket in order to buy some tea and some vegetables. Feel free to prepare some healthy soup recipes but make sure that the soup is not too hot when you eat it as excessive heat may irritate your throat.

First thing that you can do is to squeeze some lemon juice in the back of your throat. This is one of the many home remedies what helps a sore throat cure and I know that it doesn’t have a good taste but it really helps. You can also gargle with lemon juice, and if you are going to do that you will find out that this is a better way to cure the sore throat.

Another home remedy what helps a sore throat cure is to gargle with warm salt water. This remedy is almost like the one above. You will have to take this liquid and gargle with it, but you must cover all your throat area.

If you want to know what helps a sore throat cure then you must know that chewing 2 aspirins with the back teeth will do that. You can chew the aspirins or you can also gargle with some water which has dissolved aspirins in it and that will also help the sore throat to cure.

What helps a sore throat cure? You must know that besides the home remedies there are some nowadays remedies which will help you cure the sore throat.  You can take a shot of brandy to kill the bacteria. With the shot of brandy you will have to squeeze one or two lemons and mix them with a spoonful of honey. This remedy is a lot more fun than the healthy soup recipes but try not to get too attached to it. After all, the best cure for any healthy problem is a healthy diet and your main concern should be eating natural and nutrient dishes.

I hope that now you know what helps a sore throat cure and you will get better as soon as you read this article.

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