Mar - 1 - 2017

What is medical negligence?

There are many people who claim that they have been the victims of the medical negligence, not only once, but many times before and they have not known exactly how to behave. Thus, here is a small guide with things that you should take into consideration in order to avoid mistakes.

First of all – what is medical negligence more precisely?

You can say that you have to face medical negligence when you have to confront with the following situations: when you receive a wrong diagnosis from your doctor or when you are the victim of some treatment errors. In case you wonder how it is even possible to happen, in the 21th century when the standards of medical facilities and the quality of healthcare are so high, there are many doctors who prefer blaming the tiredness for their negligence. But, regardless the reason of their medical negligence, any person who has to go through a situation like this, should take immediate actions. Thus, in case your doctor did not take into consideration your medical history or if the hospital administrative staff lost your medical records, it is your right to ask for compensations.


In other words, any type of negligence that you have to face in a hospital or a medical centre/ clinic is a clear indicator of the fact that you should look for a lawyer. For example, you can look for Cardiff negligence lawyer, because the solicitors from this place are famous for their good reputation.  

Some things that you should pay attention to when you hire a lawyer for your medical negligence case:

  • Tell your lawyer the truth. No matter how difficult it is you should let him/ her know all the details in order to be able to build your case. There is no point in lying to the solicitor that you hire because, in the end, the truth will be revealed and you will have to face the consequences.
  • Try to think realistic. This means that you will have to pay attention to the fact that it may take longer than you think to get the expected result.
  • Pay attention to medical records. These small pieces of papers are the ones which can help the claim solicitor to win your case. Those who have been through a similar situation before claim that when you suspect any medical negligence, you should ask for your medical records and call immediately a lawyer.
  • There are some statistics which indicate the fact that the majority of medical negligence cases are settled out of court. Why is that so? Because the doctors or even nurses are trying their best for avoiding negative publicity which makes them look bad.
  • Look for those lawyers who base their activity on the following principle: “no win, no fees”. This means that in case they are not able to do justice for your case, they will not ask you to pay anything. Also, do not forget to ask them not to share your personal details. “Discretion” is by far a word that should define best a lawyer.


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