Jul - 8 - 2018

What makes you a good doctor?

Being a doctor is one of the most prestigious jobs, but medicine is not for the persons who do not have patience and who are not interested in self-education. You need great motivation and skills to become a doctor, and where you count that you have to pass a complex exam in order to get accepted into the medical school. But once you graduate, what it really takes to be a good doctor? It counts the way you interact with your patients, and how many of them you manage to heal. Different people will offer you different answers on what skills a good doctor has, but if it were to put all of them together, you would notice that some of them are more important than others. In this article you will find out the skills both patients and healthcare specialists consider important when it comes to being a good doctor.


You have to be a good communicator

If you want to be a good doctor then you should listen to your patients. If you are open to conversation, then your patients will offer you all the information you need to know. When visiting a doctor people tell the specialist what is wrong with them, but there are doctors who do not pay attention to details, and in this case you will have difficulties in finding the right diagnostic. Do not rush your patients, because you will never find out what they suffer from, and you will receive bad reviews. In case you will want to change your job one day, the healthcare recruiters will talk with your patients, and if you prove to not have good communication skills you have little chances to get the job you want.

You need to be conscientious and organised

It does not matter your profession, it is essential to be organised if you want to be successful in your career. You cannot succeed in this job if you do not know what steps, every diagnose requires. When you recommend your patients to take certain analysis you should make sure that they need them. When they leave your office, they need to know that you have an action plan that will help them get better.

You have to show your patients that you care for them

Your patients probably have no idea how many degrees and specialisations you have. They step into your office because they need help, so you should show them that you focus on their needs, and they are in good hands. When someone visits a doctor they need to know that the doctor pays attention to what they say and that they act in the patient’s interest.

You should have team spirit

If you work in the interest of your patients then you should collaborate and not compete with the other doctors. Also, there are patients who suffer from complex health issues, and if you want to offer them the treatment they need, it is important to consult with the other doctors.

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