May - 18 - 2017

Which are the benefits of using air purifiers?


Believe it or not, even if you clean the house once a day, there are still dust and pollen particles which can make the air difficult to breathe. Also, there are people who say that the fumes are a very common problem. Even if you think that it not such a big deal, you will see that it can affect you a lot. Here are the main consequences of the poor indoor air quality.

How can the poor indoor air quality affect you?

  • When your head hurts a lot, but you cannot find any explanation for your symptoms, you should blame the poor air quality. Even if you decide to open the window for letting the air inside, in most of the cases it is not enough. The air is already affected by pollution and you will only make things worse.
  • According to statistics, there are more and more people who suffer from allergies. Sometimes, dust is one of the most common causes.
  • Bad mood or mood swings. Are you happy now and after a few minutes you feel like you want to hit the roof? Is it a typical behaviour for you? In case the answer is not, maybe you should check the air quality. An investment like an air purifier from For Healthy Air can help you a lot.
  • The air quality can damage your plants. In the cold season, you have to move the plants inside because it is warmer. But if the air is not clean and healthy, the only thing you will manage to do is to hurt them.

The benefits of using an air purifier:

There are many people who say that the air purifiers are some of the smartest investments. For example, if you suffer from dust allergies, these devices can help you clean the air. This will also help you avoid the annoying symptoms such as sneezing all the time. But this is not all. The indoor air is even more important when it comes to families with children. The kids are usually more sensitive and their immune system can be affected by the air quality.


Also, using an air purifier is easier. The device is quite simple to handle. You just find a proper place for it and then, let it do the job. Thus, forget about other methods such as a room freshener because the only thing it manages to do is to cover the bad smells. Even if the smells are covered, the air is not healthy.

3 things to pay attention when you buy an air purifier:

  • Check how large its coverage area is. There are models which offer good results for rooms which quite large such as the living rooms. Others are good only for bedrooms.
  • Pay attention to the material of the filter. There are many filters which are made out glass-fibre. This filter is a good choice because it is able to eliminate a high percentage of the airborne pollutants.
  • Last but not least, try to read reviews as to make sure that you have chosen the right product. There are many people who like to post their opinion online.





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