Jun - 2 - 2011

Women hair loss

Approximately 20 million women in the United States are affected by hair loss, according to the Federal Drug Administration. The most common causes are genetic predisposition and hormonal imbalance.

However, other factors which can cause your hair lose are most likely: diet deficiencies, stress, problems with the immune system, some types of medication, weight loss supplements or some problems with the skin. Do not be alarmed because most types of hair loss in women are treatable and temporary.

Hormonal changes

Another cause of hair loss is hormonal changes, like: pregnancy, birth control, menopause and thyroid problems. If you are pregnant or have experienced temporary hormonal changes the hair will eventually grow back on its own once the body has regulated itself. Also, women who are at menopause tend to produce more testosterone, male hormones, which leads to hair loss.


Heredity is also a sign on why you are losing or may be losing your hair. If you have a history in your family with women losing their hair at any time of their lives than you have your answer. Women who have in their family elders who has experienced loss of hair are most likely to lose their hair too at one point in their lives. The problem is not that the hair does not grow back it is the fact that the it does not grow as fast as the hair fall so there is a permanently unbalance. The boldness pattern is most pronounced at women on the crown of the head and at the top.


Stress can affect you in so many ways but the most common effects are: hair loss and also your hair growth. It is normal to experience hair loss after a surgery or after physical stress. Anti stress therapy are excellent and your hair will grow back. Trichotillomania is a severe stress illness which causes women hair loss. People who suffer from such a disease pull their hair out, sometimes without even noticing, resulting bald areas on the head. Some people suffering from this type of condition don´t even notice that they are pulling their hair out, some try to hide it. Fortunately today we have treatments based on medication and therapy that can help solve this unpleasant illness.


• Hair loss is inherited from your father
• Female hair loss causes abdominal bleeding
• Hair color and frequently washing your hair can cause hair loss

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